An ice cream store sells ice cream in a cup or in a cone. It sells 7 cones for every 3 cups of ice cream it sells. If 220 people buy ice cream at the store today, how may cones would the store sell?

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I m not sure of my answer but i think its correct... 7 cones/ 3 cups of ice cream. The nearest multiple of 3 to 220 is 219  one cone per cup = 7/3 ( 7 cones for 3 cups ) Total no of cups sold = 219*  One cone per cup                                      = 219* 7/3                                       = 511 cones Therefore, the number of cones the store would sell is 511 cones.


3cups+7cones=10 altogether 22x10= 220 customers 22x7=154 3x22=66 So 154 cones

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