Part A. maria rented a coat at $285 for 3 days. if she rents the same coat for 6 days she has to pay $510. write an equation in standard form to represent the total rent (y) that Maria has to pay for renting the coat for x days.. Part b. write the equation obtained in part a using function notation. Part c. describe the steps to graph the equation obtained above on the coordinate axes. mention the label on the axes and the intervals


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Part A. Let the number of days and the price paid be coordinate points, such that: (3,285) and (6,510) Given these, we can create the equation by using the straight-line equation which is: (y - y1) = m(x - x1) Obtaining m = (510-285)/(6-3) = 75 Therefore, in standard equation: y - 285 = 75(x - 3) y - 285 = 75x - 225 y = 75x + 60 Part B.  Expressing the standard equation in function notation, simply change y to f(x). This is shown below: y = 75x + 60 f(x) = 75x + 60 Part C. Graphing the line y = 75x + 60: Substitute values for x to find the values for y, then plot two points to obtain the graph. Substituting 0 and 1 as values for x: For x = 0: y = 75(0) + 60 y = 60 For x = 1: y = 75(1) + 60 y = 135 x-axis would be the days rented, and y-axis would be the amount paid. Plot the two points (0,60) and (1,135) and you can obtain the graph.

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