please do not answer if you do not know the correct answer. I will mark brainiest if the answer is correct. Thank you! 1. ¿Qué es? The image shows a castle. (1 point) A.un quiosco B.un ascensor C.un castillo D.un rey 2. Costa Rica's capital is _______ (1 point) A.San José. B.Tamarindo. C. Puntarenas. D. Alajuela. 3. Which of these activities can you not do in Puntarenas? (1 point) A. visit the beach B.go to an aquarium C.see a castle D. attend a cultural show 4. Which of the following do you need to open your hotel room door? (1 point) llave B.el rey C.el cajero automático casa de cambio 5. If someone says that "el palacio es bello," what are they saying about the palace? (1 point) A.It is old. B.It is famous. C.It is beautiful. D.It is typical.

(2) Answers

1. C. un castillo 2. A. San Jose 3. A. Visit  the beach 4. A. la llave 5. C. It is beautiful 


#1 is C. #2 is A. I cannot find correct information on #3, so please make a guess. #4 is A. #5 is C.

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