The sum of two numbers is 30,their product is 176.What are the two numbers

(2) Answers

8,22 those are the two numbers 8+22=30  8x22=176


we have two numbers "x" and "y", we suggest this system of equations. x+y=30 xy=176 Solve by  substitution method. x=30-y (30-y)y=176 30y-y²=176 y²-30y+176=0 We solve this square equation: y=[30⁺₋√(900-4*176)] / 2=(30⁺₋14)/2 two solutions: y₁=(30-14)/2=8       ⇒x=30-y  ⇒  x=30-8=22 y₂=(30+14)/2=22    ⇒x=30-y  ⇒x=30-22=8 Therefore: the numbers are 8 and 22 To check: the sum of two numbers 8+22 is 30 their product 8*22 is 176

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