Two friends leave school at the same time, Sarah is heading due north and Beth is heading due east. One hour later they are 10 miles apart. If Sarah had traveled 8 miles from the school, how many miles had Beth traveled?
6 miles
10 miles
8 miles
4 miles



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wouldn't it actually be 2 miles but since its not listed I would say 4 because if there 10 miles apart and Sarah is 8miles from the school were they both started then 10-8=2. or you can take the two and divide it by 8 and get 4 


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If you picture this scene in your head, you will get a simple 3x4x5 right triangle. 4 times 2 is 8, 5 times 2 is 10, so Sarah should, by now, have traveled 3 times 2 miles.
Final answer: Sarah has traveled 6 miles after an hour.
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Helping tip: The reason it is not 4 is because they are not traveling west and east away from each other. They are traveling north and east, so they are moving in two directions to form a right triangle, and the hypotenuse would be 10 (miles). The side, or distance, that Beth has traveled is 8. So as this is a typical variation of a 3x4x5 triangle, Sarah will have traveled 6 miles.