When Jorge put the pots and pans in the sink,the water level in the sink rose 0.6 inches. If the sink is a rectangular prism with a base 17 inches by 23 inches, what is the combined volume of the pots and pans?


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[latex]V_1[/latex] - volume without pots and pans [latex]V_2[/latex] - volume with pots and pans [latex]V_2-V_1[/latex] - volume of pots and pans [latex]V_1=17\cdot23\cdot h=391h\ in^3\\ V_2=391(h+0.6)=391h+234.6\ in^3\\ V_2-V_1=391h+234.6-391h\\ V_2-V_1=234.6 \ in ^3[/latex]

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